During and After Watching Hulu

Silent lonely night is a good time to learn English. I am watching drama, Grey’s Anatomy. It is interesting because it describes almost real human. Anyway today I realized that it is not good idea to think I am fool and not talented when I have no job. I have to understand my talent is not evaluated by the amount of job right now. If I want more jobs, I need to concentrate on developing my English skills, Japanese skills and even more, translation skills. Don’t reluctant to study when I have no job! It’s perfect time to learn more!! Yes. Let’s study more, I said to myself.

8歳と6歳の姉妹を育てる時短ワーママです。気ままブロガーですが、毎日更新したいと思っています。お暇つぶしに、お気軽にお立ち寄りください* プロフィール詳細はABOUTメニューから。 https://cosmoseek.com/about


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